Virtual Makeup Dataset (VMU)

Available for download here.

A face image dataset is assembled by synthetically adding makeup to subjects in the Face Recognition Grand Challenge (FRGC) dataset. The synthetic makeup is applied using a publicly available tool from Taaz. We use 51 white, female subjects from FRGC. The FRGC images undergo 3 virtual makeovers: (1) application of lipstick only, (2) application of eye makeup only, and (3) application of a full makeup suite consisting of lipstick, foundation, blush and eye makeup. The dataset consists of 4 images per subject: 1 before-makeup image and 3 after-makeup images.

A. Dantcheva, C. Chen, A. Ross, "Can Facial Cosmetics Affect the Matching Accuracy of Face Recognition Systems?," Proc. of 5th IEEE International Conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems (BTAS), (Washington DC, USA), September 2012.